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Morel Mushroom Product Knowledge


Morel mushrooms are a kind of rare edible mushrooms, favored for their unique form and taste. Morel mushrooms are rich in nutrients, such as proteins, polysaccharides, vitamins, etc., which have high nutritional value and health care functions. The characteristics and advantages of morel mushrooms products will be described in detail below.

First, fresh morel mushrooms

Fresh morel mushrooms are picked directly from the morel mushroom planting base, to maintain the freshness and taste of morel mushrooms. Fresh morel mushrooms have complete form, bright color, tender flesh, delicious taste and high nutritional value. Fresh morel mushrooms can be used to cook a variety of dishes, such as stew, stir-fry, porridge, etc., can also be eaten directly or as ingredients with other ingredients.

Second, dried morel mushrooms

Sheep belly mushroom dry goods is fresh sheep belly mushroom after drying, drying and other processes. The advantage of dried morels is that it can be preserved for a long time, and it is easy to carry and transportation. Dried morel mushrooms need to be soaked in water before cooking and then used for cooking or soup. Due to the production process will lose some of the water, the taste of dried morel mushrooms may be slightly worse than fresh morel mushrooms.

Third, canned morel mushrooms

Canned morel mushrooms are fresh morel mushrooms after processing, canning, sealing, sterilization and other processes. The advantage of canned morel mushrooms is that it can extend the shelf life, and it is easy to carry and store. The morel mushrooms inside the cans are specially processed to maintain a better taste and form. Open the canned food can be eaten, can also be used for cooking other dishes.

Fourth, morel mushroom seasoning

Morel mushroom seasoning is fresh morel mushroom after processing, crushing, mixing and other processes. The advantage of morel mushroom seasoning is easy to carry and use, can be added directly to the dishes flavored. Morel mushroom seasoning can not only increase the taste and flavor of the dishes, but also improve the nutritional value of the dishes.

Fifth, morel mushroom health products

In addition to the food form of morel mushrooms products, there are morel mushrooms as the main raw material of health care products, such as morel mushroom capsules, morel mushroom oral solution. These health products have to improve immunity, anti-fatigue and other health functions, suitable for different age groups of people to eat. Health products of morel mushrooms after extraction and refining, can better play its health role.

In short, morel mushroom products have rich forms and characteristics, which can meet the needs of different consumers. Whether it is fresh morel mushrooms or a variety of processed products, all have a unique flavor and nutritional value. In the future, with the increasing demand for high-quality ingredients and healthy life, the market prospect of morel mushrooms products will be even broader.