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Dried Morels(Morchella Conica) G1013

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Dried Morels(morchella conica)


1)special grade 1-3cm

2)extra grade 1-3cm with 1cm stems

3)extra grade 1-3cm with 2cm stems

If customers have other requirements for the length of the stalk of the morel mushroom, we can also provide.

This morel mushroom cap size is 1-3 cm, each morel mushroom texture is clear, the color is a little bit yellow, thick flesh, rich flavor, due to this morel mushroom head is relatively small, usually in the processing of more between the need to repeatedly select the quality of poor morel mushrooms selected, leaving better quality morel mushrooms, customers will be satisfied with the quality of goods received.

    Products Applications

    Morels are a tender, flavorful ingredient that can be used to cook a variety of delicious dishes. Here is an easy way to cook it:
    Fresh morels
    Green onion, ginger and garlic
    Soy sauce
    Cooking oil- stock or water
    Clean the fresh morel mushrooms, remove the soil and impurities, then cut into thin slices and set aside.
    Mince green onion, ginger and garlic and set aside.
    Stir fry the morels:
    Heat a pan with cool oil, add onion, ginger and garlic and sauté.
    Add morel mushrooms slices and stir-fry until softened, and season with salt.
    Add a little raw pump to enhance the freshness, and drizzle in the appropriate amount of stock or water, continue to cook so that the morel mushrooms into the flavor.
    Stir fry the morels out of the pan, plate and serve.
    This simple stir-fry method can maintain the original fresh taste of morel mushrooms, and at the same time with the aroma of green onions, ginger and garlic, making more delicious morel mushrooms dishes. Of course, you can also add other seasonings according to personal taste, or the morel mushrooms and other ingredients with cooking, to create more flavorful dishes.
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    Packing & Deliver

    Packaging of morel mushrooms: lined with plastic bags, outer carton packaging, packaging with thickened materials for transportation more secure and reliable.
    Transportation of morel mushrooms: air transport and sea transport.
    Remarks: If you need more morel mushrooms product information, please send an e-mail or telephone consultation.
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