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Dried Morels(Morchella Conica) G1035

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Dried Morels(morchella conica)


1)special grade 3-5cm

2)extra grade 3-5cm with 1cm stems

3)extra grade 3-5cm with 2cm stems

If customers have other requirements for the length of the stalk of the morel mushroom, we can also provide.

The cap size of this morel mushroom is 3-5cm, each morel mushroom has clear texture, good mushroom shape, a little bit yellow color, thick flesh and good taste.

    Products Applications

    Morels are a delicious edible mushroom that is much loved in Chinese cooking. Here is an easy way to cook morels in Chinese cooking:
    Fresh morels
    Green onion, ginger and garlic
    Cooking oil
    Soy sauce
    Oyster sauce
    White pepper
    Chicken essence
    Cooking Starch
    Cut the fresh morels into thin slices, then rinse with water and drain for later use.
    Chop onion, ginger and garlic and set aside.
    Take a pan, put in a moderate amount of cooking oil, heat and add onion, ginger and garlic to burst incense.
    Add the morel mushrooms and stir fry until soft.
    Add a little salt, a little soy sauce and oyster sauce, continue to stir fry evenly.
    Once the morels have softened, add a good amount of water (or stock) and cook for a while to increase the consistency of the soup.
    In a small bowl, add a little food starch and water to make starch water, then pour into the morels and stir well until the soup thickens.
    Finally, add a little white pepper and chicken seasoning, toss to coat.
    The key to cooking this morel mushrooms is not to overcook it to keep its tender flavor. You can also add some side dishes such as shiitake mushrooms and bok choy to add flavor according to your personal taste.
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    Packing & Deliver

    Packaging of morel mushrooms: lined with plastic bags, outer carton packaging, packaging with thickened materials for transportation more secure and reliable.
    Transportation of morel mushrooms: air transport and sea transport.
    Remarks: If you need more more morel mushrooms product information, please send e-mail or telephone consulting.
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