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Dried Morels(Morchella Conica) G1068

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Dried Morels(morchella conica)


1)special grade 6-8cm

2)extra grade 6-8cm with 1cm stems

3)extra grade 6-8cm with 2cm stems

If customers have other requirements for the length of the stalk of morel mushrooms, we can also provide.

The cap size of this morel mushroom is 6-8cm, each morel mushroom has a clear texture, full grains, the color is a little bit yellow, thick flesh, mushroom type is very good, this specification belongs to the large morel mushroom.

    Products Applications

    Morel mushrooms stewed chicken is also a common practice in morel mushrooms dishes, the recommended practice is as follows:
    4 morel mushrooms; 2 chicken thighs; 250g broccoli; half a large onion; a small onion; a little ginger; rock sugar moderate; oyster sauce moderate; soy sauce moderate; moderate amount of cooking wine.

    1. Prepare the morel mushrooms: morel mushrooms half an hour in advance in 45 degrees of water soak, soaked morel mushrooms in the original soup do not pour, put aside to precipitate, precipitation, pour out the top part of the standby, the bottom of the bowl sediment discarded. Then fish up and gently squeeze out the water, repeated circles cleaning, squeeze out the water, cut in half and spare.
    2. Cut broccoli blanch spare, ready for other materials, chicken thighs cut into pieces, large onion cut into sections, small onion diced, ginger sliced.
    3. Cold pan with oil, add the appropriate amount of rock sugar stir fry for a few moments, add large onions and ginger slices stir fry flavor.
    4. Put the chicken thigh meat stir fry until golden, then pour along the side of the pot into the appropriate amount of cooking wine and soy sauce stir fry, put the morel mushrooms stir fry for a few moments, add oyster sauce to continue to stir fry for a few moments, pour soaked morel mushrooms of the soup.
    5. Large fire boil to medium heat and simmer for 10-15 minutes, to be slightly dry soup can be mounted on the plate, sprinkled with chopped green onions, broccoli on the plate, open rice.
    Dried Morels(Morchella Conica) G1068 (3)zzsDried Morels(Morchella Conica) G1068 (5)idt

    Packing & Deliver

    Morel mushrooms packaging: lined with plastic bags, outer carton packaging, packaging with thickened materials for transportation more secure and reliable.
    The transportation of morel mushrooms: air transport and sea transport.
    Remarks: If you need more morel mushrooms product information, please send e-mail or telephone consulting.
    Dried Morels(Morchella Conica) G1068 (6)zudDried Morels(Morchella Conica) G1068 (4)7dc

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