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Frozen Morels(morchella conica) DG09001

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Frozen Morels(morchella conica)


1)extra grade 2-4cm with 1cm stems

2)extra grade 2-4cm with 2cm stems

3)extra grade 3-5cm with 1cm stems

4)extra grade 3-5cm with 2cm stems

5)extra grade 4-6cm with 1cm stems

6)extra grade 4-6cm with 2cm stems

7)Industrial grade

If customers have other requirements for the cap and stem length of morel mushrooms, we can also provide them.

    Product Introduction

    Morchella mushroom frozen product is derived from fresh Morchella mushrooms. After careful picking, screening, cleaning, and advanced rapid freezing technology, the taste and nutrition of fresh Morchella mushrooms are perfectly preserved. In terms of appearance, taste, and nutritional content, it is no different from fresh morel mushrooms.

    The characteristics of frozen morel mushroom products:

    High freshness: Immediately after picking, perform quick freezing treatment to effectively lock in freshness and ensure that the nutritional components of morel mushrooms are not lost.
    Convenient and fast: No need to worry about storage issues, you can take it out and cook at any time, and easily enjoy the delicious taste of fresh morel.
    High nutritional value: Rich in various nutrients such as protein, vitamins, and minerals, it has high nutritional value.
    Pure taste: The frozen morel mushrooms have a delicious taste and tender meat, which is no different from fresh morel mushrooms.
    There are various cooking methods for frozen morel mushrooms, including steaming, stewing, stir frying, and more. We recommend that you try stewing chicken with morel mushrooms. Boil the chicken together with morel mushrooms to perfectly blend the freshness of the chicken with the richness of the morel mushrooms, providing rich nutrition and a rich taste.
    The raw material for processing frozen morel mushrooms should be fresh, disease-free, and free of impurities. When picking morel mushrooms, products with fully expanded fruiting bodies and bright colors should be selected. At the same time, it is important to avoid picking during rainy days or when the dew is still wet to ensure the quality and safety of the product.

    Our processing flow

    Raw material acceptance: Screen the harvested morel mushrooms and remove any unqualified products.
    Cleaning: Put the selected morel mushrooms into clean water, clean thoroughly, and remove sediment and other impurities.
    Processing: After cleaning, the morel mushroom needs to be removed from its stem and sorted to make its shape neat and beautiful.
    Drainage: Place the processed morel mushrooms on the drainage rack and drain any excess water.
    Quick freezing: Put the drained morel mushrooms into a quick freezing machine and undergo rapid freezing treatment to reduce their temperature to below -30 ℃.
    Packaging: Put the frozen morel into a packaging bag and seal it.
    Storage and transportation: Store the packaged morel mushrooms in a cold storage below -18 ℃, and transport them under low temperature conditions.
    Packaging of frozen morel mushrooms: Thickened materials used in cardboard packaging for safer and more reliable transportation.
    Transportation of frozen morel mushrooms: refrigerated container transportation.
    Note: For more information on morel mushroom products, please send an email or phone call for consultation.

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