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Dried Morels(Morchella Conica) G1057

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Dried Morels(morchella conica)


1)special grade 5-7cm

2)extra grade 5-7cm with 1cm stems

3)extra grade 5-7cm with 2cm stems

If customers have other requirements for the length of morel mushroom stalk, we can also provide.

The cap size of this morel mushroom is 5-7cm, each morel mushroom has clear texture, full grains, color partial a little yellow, thick meat, mushroom type is very good, this specification belongs to the medium and large morel mushroom.

    Products Applications

    Steamed eggs with morels is also a popular favorite morel dish, here is how to make it:
    4 morels; 2 eggs; 1 spoon of soy sauce; 10 grams of salt.
    1. Morel mushrooms first rinsed with water to remove surface dust.
    2. Soak the morel mushrooms, soak the morel mushrooms in the right amount of water, probably just soaked through the mushroom surface, soak about twenty minutes.
    3. 20 minutes later, you will see the water turn burgundy, soak until the morel mushrooms completely soften can be fished out and cleaned up spare.
    4. Cut the morel mushrooms clean, repeatedly scrub morel mushrooms, scrub away the folds of the surface of the sediment, again soaked in water, this time the soaking water should not be poured, used to pour into the egg liquid inside, it will make the flavor of the egg is more fragrant.
    5. Soaked morel mushrooms, cut into small strips.
    6. two eggs into a large bowl, put salt, just soak the morel mushrooms into the water, beat together.
    7. Beaten egg mixture were poured into two bowls, wrapped in plastic wrap ZaZa small hole, pot with water to boil open into two bowls of egg mixture, steamed for 3 minutes to join just cut into small pieces of morel mushrooms cover the lid of the pot over high heat and then steamed for 8 minutes.
    8. And then you can get out of the pot it ~ add a little sesame oil and soy sauce can be served.
    Dried Morels(Morchella Conica) G1057 (3)xmvDried Morels(Morchella Conica) G1057 (6)lsx

    Packing & Deliver

    Morel mushrooms packaging: lined with plastic bags, outer carton packaging, packaging with thickened materials for transportation more secure and reliable.
    The transportation of morel mushrooms: air transport and sea transport.
    Remarks: If you need more morel mushrooms product information, please send e-mail or telephone consulting.
    Dried Morels(Morchella Conica) G1057 (5)lj9Dried Morels(Morchella Conica) G1057 (4)uyx

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